Wayne Industries, Inc.



Subcontract work (per Department of Labor regulations) completed at Wayne Industries or community job sites for local industries are based on time and motion studies and prevailing wage rates.

Wayne Industries, Inc. offers you the opportunity to save time and money on assembly, packaging, and other labor-intensive activities. We allow you to free up needed workspace and valuable personnel. Our workforce is dependable and well supervised, and our quality is guaranteed. Our pricing allows you to accurately estimate your cost up front, eliminating unpleasant surprises. Services can be provided at our facility or at your location.
We are flexible. We can handle:

     Manual Assembly

     Hand Packaging and heat sealing


Wayne Industries, Inc. was duly incorporated in the State of Ohio in 1976 and granted 501 C-3 status as a not for profit organization by the Internal Revenue Service

Please contact the Adult Services Director for any questions that you may have.
You can call us at:937-548-6025