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Dali Lakeside Jun Garden Phase I Wins “2nd Prize of 2017 Yunnan Quality Project Awards”

  In March 2018, the Association of Experts of Yunnan Construction Industry Association conducted a comprehensive inspection of Dali Lakeside Jun Garden Phase I project, covering project quality, industry data, safety data, drawings and other textual materials. The experts unanimously approved the project. They agreed to grant the project “2nd Prize of 2017 Yunnan Quality Project Awards”.


The staff members of Project Department participated in the expert selection of quality projects

The Second Prize of 2017 Yunnan Quality Project Awards

A happy residential quarter under the blue sky

“Love in Junfa, Happy Spring” - 2018 Junfa Cultural City Spring Fun Games Concludes

  In the sunny, breezy and flowering season of spring, Guiyang Jun Club provided an opportunity for property owners to enjoy the breath of spring and the pampering of nature. From March 10 to 11, 2018, the Junfa cultural City Spring Fun Games was held. As the first large-scale property owner event this spring, the Fun Games were warmly welcomed by the owners and attracted about 1,500 participants. It was a lively sight!


“Lei Feng Spirit Revives in March” -- Guiyang Jun Club Parent-Child Weeding Event

  When spring comes in March, all living things revive and the breath of spring is everywhere on the planet. On March 10, 2018, a parent-child weeding event with the theme of “Lei Feng Spirit Revives in March” was held by Junfa Group’s Jun Club at the Lakeside Jun Garden. Hundreds of owners’ families participated in the event, bringing more greenery to the Lakeside Jun Garden.



  As the cornerstone of urban culture, community culture has received more and more attention. Jun Club always adheres to the service concept of “everything stems from care”. Through an innovative and refined service system, Jun Club provides owners with diverse, healthy, warm and considerate living services and practical value-added services. The weeding event shows our care for and gratitude to every owner and enables us to listen to their voices.

Riverside ? Junfa Plaza Lantern Festival Happy Show 2018 Brings Loads of Fun

  On the evening of the Lantern Festival, the streets and lanes were colorfully decorated. People watched lanterns, solved riddles, ate yuanxiao (glutinous rice balls) and set off fireworks to celebrate the last day of the Spring Festival.
  On March 2, 2018, the Lantern Festival, Riverside • Junfa Plaza held a wonderful “Lantern Festival Happy Show” for customers. The activities included lion dance, lantern riddles, ring-toss, hoop-rolling and making yuanxiao and lanterns, bringing back the memories of some classic child games. Many post-80s, post-70s and even grandparents brought their own children and grandchildren to join in the games and relive the beautiful childhood.


Solving lantern riddles

Making lanterns

Drawing a sugar man

Eating yuanxiao (glutinous rice balls)

Rolling the hoop

Tossing the rings

Celebrating the Lantern Festival with lion dances

Cute and fun-making “Electric Sometimes” became the focus of attention

Tang Dynasty City ? KIDS and Property Owners Celebrate Lantern Festival Together

  On March 2, 2018, Junfa Tang Dynasty City • KIDS held a Lantern Festival celebration on the plaza in front of Tang Dynasty City Phase II. The staff members of KIDS, property service personnel and property owners of Tang Dynasty City celebrated the Lantern Festival happily together.


On the event scene -- A lantern gallery

The voucher collecting desk

DIYing tangyuan (glutinous rice balls); “God of Wealth” handing out ingot-shaped candies

A dragon dance performance

A lion dance performance

A classical dance performance

Posing for a picture on the scene

Handing out tangyuan (glutinous rice balls)

Junfa Cultural City Launches “Thai Style Small Hotpot Evening” as Winter Comes

  It is in the depths of winter and the New Year is around the corner. At 19:00, December 13, a “Thai Style Small Hotpot Evening” was held in the sales gallery of Junfa Cultural City as a token of thanks for the property owners. As the largest native real estate developer in Yunnan, Junfa Group always gives first priority to satisfying the customers’ demand. In the past years, it has developed a series of high quality housing projects. And Junfa Cultural City is the most representative real estate project in Kunming.

FUN Living ? FUN Making: Riverside Junfa Plaza Celebrates Third Birthday

  November 29, 2017 marked the third anniversary of Riverside Junfa Plaza. From December 1 to 3, a three-day celebration was held at Junfa Plaza. The third anniversary celebration was people-oriented and creative: the “Time Projection Room” put on one wonderful open-air movie per day to help the owners to recall the good old days; in the “Late Night Canteen,” 42 businesses formed a “food alliance.” They set up a food street, which matched perfectly with the open-air movies to attract a large number of property owners and customers.


The “Late-Night Canteen” and the “Time Projection Room” attracted a large wave of people

  The third anniversary evening, a major part of the three-day celebration, was held on the evening of December 2 in the atrium of the first floor of Riverside Junfa Plaza. The ceremony was attended by Gou Wenjin, Vice President of Junfa Group, Cheng Zixuan, Deputy General Manager of Junfa Marketing Management Center, Li Qi, Deputy General Manager of Junfa Commercial Management Center, Dong Jigang, Big Project Manager of Eco Peninsula, and other leaders of Junfa Group and Junfa Business Management Company, as well as the representatives of all businesses at Riverside Junfa Plaza. The property owners and customers excitedly watched wonderful dances, enjoyed live music, took lucky draws and participated in talent shows. Additionally, in order to thank the business owners for supporting the development of Riverside Junfa Plaza, Junfa also commended the business owners that have made outstanding contributions over the past three years as a recognition of these high-quality partners.

The wonderful third anniversary evening

Junfa leadership presenting awards to the business owners that have made outstanding contributions in the past three years

Li Qi, Deputy General Manager of Junfa Commercial Management Center, delivering a speech

“Lighting the Future” – Riverside Junfa Plaza third anniversary celebration

Junfa ? Airport City Introduces Shared Motorcycles “Electric Zebra”

  Junfa Group has been practicing the concept of “green transportation and low-carbon life” in Kunming. In order to meet the transportation needs of the property owners of Junfa • Airport City and the citizens in surrounding areas, Junfa Business Management Co., Ltd. (Junzhuo) introduced “Electric Zebra” shared motorcycles on June 13, 2017. Junzhuo hopes that the concept of “green transportation and low-carbon life” can go deep into the mind of every citizen.

Junfa always strives to be a pioneer of green real estate

Junfa Signs Agreement Concerning Transformation of Urban Village in Shanghai

  On the afternoon of November 22, the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement concerning the transformation of the urban village in Xujing Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai was held at the seat of Xujing Town Government. Mr. Pan Enhua, mayor of Xujing Town, Qingpu District, and Zhou Min, legal representative and chairman of Shanghai New Xujing Industrial Co., Ltd, jointly signed the cooperation agreement. The signing of the agreement indicated that the transformation of the urban village in Xujing Town, Qingpu District was officially launched. It also shows that Junfa Group has really made its presence felt in Shanghai.

Junfa Cultural City Holds Private Banquet for Lotus Mansion Owners

  At 19 PM, November 17th, Junfa Cultural City held a private banquet for the property owners of Furong Mansion in the sales gallery. The private banquet was mainly in the European style. Junfa Cultural City has held the banquet in a bid to enhance the friendship with old and new property owners.

Designer of Junfa Lakeview Meets Customers

  On the afternoon of November 18, Jun Club • Jun Art Club and Junfa • Lakeview jointly organized a meeting in the sales gallery of Junfa Lakeview – Jiuyun Huaxi for the designer to meet with customers. Luo Xiwen, a senior designer of Hangzhou Centaland Design Consultants Co., Ltd and the chief designer of Junfa Lakeview – Jiuyun Huaxi, was invited to meet with customers. Mr. Luo shared his design ideas for Jiuyun Huaxi, his childhood memories and his wish to return to the leisurely idyllic life.

The four bedrooms can be transformed into five bedrooms, providing the greatest possibility for owners.
The residence consists of four courtyards. The main courtyard faces inward. All the main rooms face the courtyards, providing privacy and great spatial transparency both inside and outside.
The spatial layout is free, flexible, open and shared.
Special attention is paid to “amenity” functions.

Plan of first floor

Plan of second floor

Minor villas, small and fine, full-featured, and comfortable
The whole residence consists of three private courtyards, offering fantastic indoor landscapes and great privacy.
The main functions are separately designed, adding to the living pleasure and meeting all your needs.
The dining room and living room are connected, facing the courtyard landscapes.

Plan of first floor

Plan of second floor

  Junfa Lakeview Jiuyun Huaxi’s 89-135 square meters detached landscape villas are now open for preliminary registration, on a first-come-first-served basis!

Junfa Eco Peninsula Releases Intensively Decorated Sample Villa of “Xiangdi County”

  On November 11, it was a sunny and beautiful day in Kunming. In the sceneries of wetlands by Dianchi Lake, the much-anticipated intensively decorated sample villa of “Xiangdi County,” Phase II of Junfa Eco Peninsula [Dianchi Jun House], was stunningly released. As a well designed and highly practical villa cluster set in a pollution-free environment, [Dianchi Jun House] was much sought after by customers as soon as it hit the market. Developed in response to the call of the government and market demand, the intensively decorated products of Phase II of [Dianchi Jun House] are set to turn over a new page of high-end ecological housing in Kunming.

The villas feature big horizontal living rooms, sufficient daylighting, regular space and graceful design. The floors are paved with 800*800 high quality imitation stone tiles; the walls are decorated with parquets of light Emperador and portoro Leonardo lighttravertine materials; the stepped ceilings create a strong sense of depth.

The master bedroom floor is decorated with teak color multi-layer solid wood composite boards and wooden skirting, also with a stepped ceiling, giving the master bedroom a warm atmosphere and a strong sense of depth.

In the bathrooms, the beige wall and floor tiles make the space bright and elegant; the teak color cabinet doors and white stone countertops look modestly luxurious; the mirror cabinet is designed with the public taste in mind.

Riverside ? Junfa Plaza Ushers in Electronic Sports Week

  From November 4 to 5, 2017NESO Challenge and KESO League of Legends Selection Competition kicked off on Riverside • Junfa Plaza. More than a dozen teams competed against each other, marking the beginning of an electronic sports week.

Competitors locked in fierce fighting in NESO Challenge at Riverside • Junfa Plaza

COSers interacting with the audience, interpreting the quadratic element style

The whole town playing games all night

MON, the champion team of NESO Challenge at Riverside • Junfa Plaza

Winning teams of KESO Riverside Leg

Third Season of Junfa Lakeside Jun Garden Mountain Climbing Concluded Successfully

  In the cool breeze of golden autumn, the Double Ninth Festival fell on October 28. In order to promote the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, create a harmonious atmosphere in Junfa residential quarters, and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of new and old property owners, Dali Lakeside Jun Garden launched the 2017 Double Ninth Festival Mountain Climbing Event.

Thousands Participate in Riverside ? Junfa Plaza “Halloween Night”

  On October 28, a Halloween-themed event “Halloween Night” 2017 was held on Riverside • Junfa Plaza. More than a thousand people participated in the carnival before Halloween actually arrived.

DRD National Hip-Hop Competition Yunnan Leg Held at Riverside Junfa Plaza

  On September 9, DRD National Hip-Hop Competition Yunnan Leg was held at Riverside Junfa Plaza.
  The event’s Yunnan Leg attracted 300 teams of competitors in the province. The event was divided into one-on-one adult / child BREAKIN, child group dance and freestyle. The judges included the world record holder of 26 rotations (2000s) from Russia Master Yonn, Du Fei, Xiang Dong, Xiaobai, Wu Haojing and the local hip-hop dancer DJ Zack.
  The competitors’ superb dancing skills impressed everyone on the scene. The spectators got a better understanding of the unique charm of “hip-hop” as a type of street culture. After several rounds of competition, the first place, second place and third place winners of adult / child BREAKIN, the champion and runners-up of child group dance, and the champion and runners-up of freestyle dance were announced. They will represent Yunnan to participate in the DRD National Hip-Hop Dance Competition finals. Everyone wishes them better results in the follow-up competitions.

300 outstanding dancers participate in the hip-hop competitions

Hip-hop rocks the audience

Riverside Junfa Plaza “Nostalgia” Themed Event Successfully Concluded

  From August 5 to 6, Riverside Junfa Plaza “Nostalgia” themed event assembled a number of “retro things,” bringing back some family computer games.

Forming teams to play family computer games and arcade games for free

KOF, Red Hood, Street Fighter and other theme games bringing down the house

Multiball, Leap Frog, Ringtoss, Watermelon Sugar... Little nostalgic items bringing back childhood memories

Golden Jun Garden Owners Thank Junfa Property Service Personnel

  On July 28, Junfa - Golden Jun Garden owners spontaneously organized a thanksgiving party to thank the 95 employees of the Golden Jun Garden Property Service Center for their great efforts to protect the owners’ property during the 7-20 rainstorm.
  In 2017, the year of quality improvement, Junfa property service personnel have warmed the hearts of owners with their actions. In the future, they will continue to provide owners with caring and considerate property service.

Representatives of the owners and the property service personnel posing for a photo

Owners giving gifts to the property service personnel

Owners presenting property service personnel with customized vacuum cups

Fu Xiao delivering a speech on behalf of Golden Jun Garden owners

Deputy Mayor Guo Ying of Wuhua District Government Inspecting Junfa Construction Group

  At 3:00 pm, July 24, 2017, Deputy Mayor Guo Ying of Wuhua District Peoples Government led a group of five people, including leaders of Wuhua District Construction Bureau and Wuhua District National Tax Bureau, to the office area of Junfa Construction Group’s Jinshang Jun Garden for a field investigation. Junfa Construction Group’s General Manager Ye Wenwu, Deputy General Manager Zhou Qi and Wang Rui received the visiting leadership.

At the meeting

Deputy Mayor Guo Ying of Wuhua District Government giving a speech

General Manager Yu Wenwu of Junfa Construction Group (first right) giving a speech

At the meeting

Guiyang Jun Club Organizes “Idyllic Dream” Excursion-- “Guizhou June 6th Folk Fair” Owners Day Trip Successfully Held

  In order to reward property owners for their long-term support and recognition and encourage them to approach the nature and pursue a healthy life, Junfa Real Estate (Guiyang) Company and Guiyang Jun Club jointly organized an “Idyllic Dream” day trip on July 8, 2017. The property owners of Guiyang Junfa City and Guiyang Lakeside Jun Garden participated in the cultural excursion.

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