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Fund Introduction

In order to establish a long-term public welfare mechanism, in June 1, 2007, approved by the Yunnan Provincial Department of education, the Yunnan provincial Civil Affairs Department approved, the Yunnan provincial education foundation for poverty alleviation was formally established by the initiative launched by CSL group. Foundation is a non-profit public welfare organization independent of CSL group. It is managed by independent and professional personnel. It is accepted by the government and the public as the basic principle of honesty, transparency, efficiency and quality. The fund is donated to the foundation every year for education, poverty alleviation and other public welfare undertakings.

Our Expectation:

Make devotion a new bond connecting harmonious social development and make the spiritual backbone of the students in poverty-stricken areas with love.

Our Tenet:

Abide by the constitution, laws, regulations and policies of the state, respect for teachers, to foster talented rookie, incentives, funded school dropouts in poverty-stricken areas and promote the development of education in poor areas. The original fund is mainly from the CSL group, and the public welfare fund comes from the donation from Jun FA group, other love enterprises, and the employees of CSL group.

Staff Structure:

President: Chen Yan 
Members: Peng Houxiong, Ye Wenwu & Li Qi
Supervisors:Zhu Peng, Tang Ming Zhe
Secretary General: Zhao Zi Yu

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